Purpose is the essence of who your brand is and serves as a compass for the decisions your brand makes.

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Clarity of purpose is your anchor in a storm, and will positively impact your bottom line as a driver for growth.

My name is Karen and I’m passionate about purpose – in brands, business, marketing and communications.

What’s your brand story? I believe you can design and build the brand you want to be by communicating your message with authenticity.

Every brand, organisation and leader has the opportunity to be authentic. Any narrative rooted in reality has the power of authenticity behind it. In such a noisy hyper-connected world, this is what brands and organisations need now more than ever. Authenticity is everything.

Curious by nature and a good listener, I want to hear your story and help you tell it to your target audience. So whether you’re looking for some energetic creativity, professional advice from an industry expert, or a friendly but practical pep talk – Kosmos can help you build the brand you want to be!


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Karen McGarty

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