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Business on the edge

When you live in Dublin you would be forgiven for thinking we were living in a recovered economy, and as a young professional there are endless opportunities available to you. However, as somebody who has lived in Dublin and recently moved back home to Sligo, it has been quite obvious to me that we definitely have a situation of two economies.

On returning home to Sligo the reality of the lack of career opportunities, was the deciding factor for me to start my own marketing communications company. This has played a huge part in the decision making for many entrepreneurs in the West of Ireland, who have started their own businesses.

For many people who are not from Dublin and may want to migrate closer to home to settle down or have a family, employment opportunity must exist and self-employment not be the only option. A refocus on rural, physical and IT infrastructure is needed. Dublin’s congestion issues, which are only going to get worse over the next couple of years, should be seen as a serious opportunity for the regions. The advantages of the digital world we now live in should assist this move to decentralisation, in turn building a wholly recovered economy.

You could call me one of the lucky ones as my work allows for self-employment and I enjoy the challenge. As a marketing communications company my focus is to help as many SME’s as possible, to build their business and develop their brands, so they too will play a part in developing their region as a desired place to live in Ireland.

A recent study by the IEDR (IE Domain Registry’s) concluded that 1 in 4 Irish SME’s have no digital presence. Of those with a digital presence, 2 in 3 have a website and almost half of all SMEs (46%) don’t advertise their services at all. Among those that do, 1 in 4 use traditional advertising and 1 in 6 use digital advertising.

The research suggests that by not having a web presence, small businesses are missing out. Three quarters of the consumers surveyed said they found it extremely frustrating when a business they want to interact with is invisible online, with a similar number saying a company that has a web presence is more likely to get their business.

As a result, SME’s must now take the plunge and invest in marketing their product or service. This can be done on a number of different levels so it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Marketing companies such as Kosmos Communications are here to help you market your business, guide you along the way and be a loyal member of your team throughout the process.

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